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A Guide To ISO 27001 Certification And Audit

Most people think of the IT industry whenever they hear a term like ISO 27001. However, that shouldn't be the case. Since many organizations, including financial institutions like banks, telecommunication companies, and government agencies, handle sensitive data, ISO 27001 should be part and parcel of their daily operations. If you want to know more about ISO 27001 and why your organization needs it, this piece is for you.

What Is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for certifying information security. It was introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The primary role of ISO 27001 is to enable stakeholders in organizations to manage their information assets' security. Therefore, it's safe to say the procedures, processes, and policies in ISO 27001 are specifically designed to help firms deal with information risks like data leaks and cyber-attacks.

Why Is ISO 27001 Certification Essential for Your Organization?

Your organization needs ISO 27001 certification for the following reasons:

1. Improve security and risk management

ISO 27001 certification focuses on cyber security. As such, your organization can use it to improve information security and reduce breaches and data theft. That is indispensable in this digital era where clients prioritize the protection of personal information. Moreover, the security controls help you manage risks associated with security information and, subsequently, facilitate the implementation of an effective ISMS (information security management system)

2. Grow responsibly

Sometimes, rapid growth in an organization leads to confusion regarding information assets like digital documents, databases, encryption keys, and their responsibilities. But, since you need information assets to get a clear and consistent understanding of the information in your organization, extensive confusion can be detrimental. Information assets also help you comprehend the sensitivity, accuracy, and importance of any information you hold. Fortunately, today, you can use ISO 27001 certification to improve the structure and focus in your organization and ultimately foster positive growth.

3. Protect your brand reputation

According to a recent report from Forbes Insights, data breaches are responsible for damaging the reputation of 46% of organizations. The reason is, most people view breaches and cyber-attacks as a mistake on the organization's part. After all, reputable firms have the responsibility of securing and safeguarding their information. You can use ISO 27001 certification as proof that your company is committed to optimizing security and risk management. By doing so, clients rest assured their sensitive information is safe.

Get ISO 27001 Certification Audit

If you want to check whether your ISO management system meets set standards, consider hiring an ISO 27001 certification body to conduct an audit. Such an audit will help you review your ISMS and determine if it's per specified requirements. Moreover, you can use an ISO 27001 certification audit to check if processes and policies are efficient and practical.