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4 Careers To Consider With Your Online Bible College Degree

People still lean on their faith in the face of adversity (as evidenced by an increase in church attendance after the recent pandemic). With people reminded of the importance of their spiritual health, they need religious leaders more than ever. People who feel a calling should consider online Bible college to get the training they need to work in a religious career. But what career options are available for people who get a degree from a Bible college?

1. Pastor 

Pastors lead church services throughout the week with larger services every Sunday. Church services will include a sermon delivered by the pastor, so pastors will learn to become skilled at public speaking and motivational speaking.

The pastor may also lead Sunday school services at the church. These classes can be taught by the pastor, hired staff, or a church volunteer. 

2. Missionary 

Some Bible school graduates decide to get out of the church and take their talents to different parts of the world as missionaries. A missionary travels the world to teach people about the love of Jesus. The goal is to recruit new members to the local church and put people on a path toward salvation. Missionaries may travel to developed countries, such as Japan. Alternatively, they may end up in a developing country, such as Uganda. Each trip varies greatly and some areas won't have modern accommodations, but travel lovers will enjoy each unique journey.

3. Writer

Religion is a rich subject. Everyone has questions about what happens after death and the accuracy of certain events in the Bible. Theological scholars can attempt to put these complex ideas into words as a writer on religious topics. Most religious writers write nonfiction, but Christian fiction writers can cover similar topics through stories, too. 

4. Chaplain

A chaplain is a clergyman who ventures out of the church into the neighborhood to offer spiritual guidance to hospital patients, military staff, veterans, and various other citizens. Chaplains may be required on-site at a particular ceremony. Sometimes chaplains must travel to citizens who can't make it to the church due to illness or some other obstacle. Chaplains may perform private services or specific rituals, such as the eucharist or last rites. 

Religion is still a large part of society. And people need religious leaders. Learn more about online Bible college if you want to pursue a career in one of the aforementioned careers.